Today's Specials

1. Crispy salt and pepper chicken wings sauteed with habanero or jalapeno peppers. $8.50
2. Large shrimp with chinese eggplant in a spicy garlic sauce. $11.95
3. Hunan crispy fish. $12.95
Fried haddock sauteed in spicy brown sauce with mixed vegetables.
4. Portabella mushrooms with chicken. $11.95
Juicy slices of chicken breast with fresh portabella mushrooms and asparagus, stir fried in a light sauce.
5. Stir Fried beef with beansprouts and scallions in a light brown sauce over angel hair rice pasta. $11.95
6. Mango madness shrimp. $13.95
Large shrimp tempura with fresh mango that creates a sweet and slightly spicy delight.
***We do not accept entertainment cards on Today's Specials***